Rated crab Rangoon in Kansas City.

Your ultimate guide to crab Rangoon:  

1. Blue Sake sushi - their crab Rangoon is awesome. They have a sweet chili and mango sauce that makes it like crack. Pro tip: ask for the sauce on the side, you get a ton of it!


2. Lulu’s Noodles - good crab and cream cheese balance in the center but what sets it apart is the light crispy flaky wonton crust. Their sauce is good too with a little chili spice. 


3. Sushi Mido - unlimited sushi started off with a boat of crispy sail shaped wontons and sauce? Yes please! BTW my favorite sushi place, it seems like a dive from the looks but it’s amazeballs. Try the rolls named after local streets.

4. Bo Lings is always solid.

Worst crab Rangoon:

1. Ni Hoa Fresh - the poke and stir fry was a C- and the crab rangoon had no flavor, a hot glob of nothing.