voting time, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

Check out the link. It's a really helpful tool to compare candidates and make decisions! Be a prepared voter! 

I am really excited about Sharice Davids. She's badass. But more importantly, she makes a ton of sense. She's not so far left on a lot of these issues that she alienates people. But again, I go back to how she makes so much sense. "Guns do have their place. As part of a military family, I do recognize that firearms have a role in society. That place is not in schools, in hospitals, in mental health facilities, or in the homes of domestic abusers. I plan to treat gun violence as a public health issue."


I also like 'Bam" McClendon for Secretary of State. Kris Kobach he is not! 

"I helped found a non-partisan, non-profit organization called that focused on voter registration and engagement. It developed a mobile-friendly non-partisan online voter registration tool,, that allows Kansas citizens to register to vote in under five minutes using the federal form. In the last year, over 3500 Kansans have successfully registered to vote using KSvotes."

Lots of great democrats out on the ballot, it is hard to choose. And isn't it awesome that we have a CHOICE!