jepgs tiffs raw

When I submit a packaged InDesign file, obviously I try to submit the most highest quality files. Tiff files are wonderful for fine art images. But they shut computers down. Now, at the new place I work, we submit PDFs and I don't see why I need a tif, I think a JPEG will do if it is high res. I think you look at the production specs, if the printer is only printing at 300 dpi, a 600 ppi image is perfect. Tiffs shut down every machine I have ever worked on, and I have worked on top of the line machines. So what gives? Why do so many purists love raw or tiffs, when you only have 300 dpi to work with. And also folks, dpi and ppi are not interchangeable. Also if you have too many pixels on uncoated paper, you getting bleed.  


i think that when you think about the end result, what file you are submitting, the paper, and so on, you just gotta work backwards.