photoshop is not for designing... no, seriously.

It still amazes me how photoshop is used so incorrectly. Got a website to create? Make it in photoshop. Making a poster? Photoshop!!??

You make photos in Photoshop. You illustrate in Illustrator. You design publications in InDesign. You design a website in whatever coding or platform it will be hosted on (please no flash). You design mobile apps in coding.

@jerneu says designing apps in Sketch3 is good. He says even illustrator works. The new big thing. Check it out. Xcode is great tool for programming Apple apps.

Regardless. Photoshop is not a design tool. It's a tool for photos and some illustrations.

My goal is to make an augmented reality mobile app for M-AAA's arts events for board members to solicit new support, but really for anyone that loves arts and culture.

A side note: never go with a custom content management system that isn't open source. Expect a new M-AAA website soon, it's a more open layout and better content, but we are still slaves to this terrible custom CMS. Never again.