a story about pirates

From one of my gurus!

A ship sailing to the new world encountered a pirate ship. The captain said, everyone buckle down and prepare for the fight. And the ship remained unharmed.

A few days later, 3 ships attacked the explorers. The captain said, put your red shirts on! The crew did, and since the enemy couldn't see that the crew was bloody, they gave up. The crew, though wounded, survived.

A few days later, five ships attacked the ship. And the captain, knowing that his crew could survive, advised the team to put on their brown pants. (Get it?)

The question always was, are you wearing a red shirt? Or brown pants?

What I always took away, is that there are days you might wear both. And when you have the brown pants or the red shirt on, you may feel defeated. But in the end, you may have gone through the ringer, but what survived is perfect!