some seriously cool marketing pieces

I am most impressed with the ADT box. If I found that in my house, I might freak! And I love the cardboard record player.  

Love these pieces but even more so, I love the following acknowledgement at the end of the article:

Is it Worth It?
The examples above are all quite impressive, but the key question to ask is whether or not it was worth the expense. The problem with great direct marketing ideas is that they’re usually targeted towards a fairly small number of people when compared to a commercial or other more traditional advertising method. However, they have the potential to be far more impacting than mass media.
So what do you think? With a limited budget, is it better to make a small impact on lots of people or a large, meaningful impact on a small number of people. Also, which of the examples above do you think would effectively encourage action and which would merely be seen as an moderately interesting piece of physical spam that still hits the garbage can immediately?