needing some edumakashun!

I just finished a cycle of print materials at work. The focus on these materials was IMPACT, IMPACT, IMPACT. Our board was very pleased with the results, but immediately followed up with, "So this is what it will look like on the web?"

Oh. Crap. The website. It's so outdated, so clumsy, so boring. So I need to start strengthening my skills STAT. 

Found some great resources:
I had no idea this existed until today! I think I am going to take the Creative Tune-up and WEB UX Design.

This website has a lot to offer as well, and stuff for non-designers or not formally trained designers. Landing pages that generate conversation, what an idea!

Skillshare has gained popularity lately. What I like is that these courses are designed by people working in the field now. The variety of topics is great too!